(Pic of baby girl- look at those gorgeous lips!)

Really hurting today. I feel like hot pokers are in my left shoulder blade, burning around my ribcage. Both my hips ache and burn and throb. My belly feels like it can’t stretch anymore, and it’s hard to catch my breath. I have to do my glucose test and have an ultrasound in a little bit. The ultrasound to check on their growth, fluid levels, etc. Also, baby girl’s foot. Her right foot may or may not be slightly clubbed. I had a level 2 ultrasound for her a month ago that was still inconclusive. It’s not an urgent matter to me. Especially when ultrasounds are so uncomfortable and even painful at times. If she does have a mildly turning inward foot, we’ll consult with Ortho and get her the special shoes she would need. But really, I’m just tired of them continuing to look at it so extensively.

Also, my house is a disaster. I bought a grabber thing on Amazon because I can’t bend over without hurting. My kids are fighting off and on all day, circles of playing, then fighting, someone gets hurt, crying and screams, settle them down and apologies made. Then back to step 1.

It’s also 9 million degrees outside with like 100% humidity.

We’re moving out of our house in about two weeks, then to a hotel for 8 days, before finally hitting the road for Colorado. Three days, 2 cars, 3 adults, and three children.

I’m so tired.

Lord, please give me grace and strength and perseverance to get through these coming weeks. I can’t do this by myself. Help me rest and let go of expectations, while you fill me with peace, and all the fruit of the Spirit. Help me not to complain, but somehow, through your Spirit, to count it all joy.


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